Shazam Director Teases Superman Fight With Joke Script Page

Playing off of rumors and fan hope that his upcoming Shazam film will feature a battle between the titular hero and Superman, director David Sandberg shared an excerpt form a totally real (read: fake) script on his Twitter account that shows hat would happen if the two do clash on the big screen.

In addition to a foul-mouthed Billy Watson, the script includes an appearance by Billy's longtime friend and sidekick, Tawky Tawny, an anthropomorphic tiger who wears a suit and accompanies Shazam on adventures. It also makes fun of  Superman's ability to hide behind a pair of glasses, and the fact that the Captain Marvel character has recently been renamed Shazam.

Sandberg also brings up Superman's mustache, which became the talk of the Internet when it was reported that Henry Cavill was filming his reshoots for the forthcoming Justice League movie with a full mustache.

In just a short amount of time, Sandberg's faux script has become a mini-meme, inspiring several pieces of fan art like the piece below.

While Shazam will be set in the DC Comics Extended Universe, the movie promises to be far more fun and lighthearted than the typical DCEU fare. And while a bit on the potty mouth side of things, Sandberg's fake script shows off the kind of fun the character is capable of providing.

Shazam is currently lined up for a 2019 release. The film is directed by Sandberg, written by Henry Gayden, and is being produced by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia. Casting has not been finalized, but we do know that Johnson is slated to portray Black Adam, the title character's nemesis.

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