Is Shazam! Director Dropping Clues About Film's Villains, Sidekick?

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has been chronicling the pre-production process with photos from his office on the Warner Bros. lot, focusing primarily on a growing collection of empty soda cans. However, in the past day, a mood board and a handful of toys have been added to the mix, leaving us to wonder whether they offer any hints about the film.

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Alongside two figures of the title hero are a well-armed tiger, which evokes the anthropomorphic Tawky Tawny, one of the more offbeat members of Shazam's quirky cast of supporting characters. We can also spot the decapitated head of the radioactive robot Mister Atom, as well as the mind-controlling alien worm Mister Mind.

Day 6

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We may not want to read too much into the scene, though, as Sandberg also included Funko Pop! versions of the Joker and the possessed doll from his own film Annabelle: Creation. It's possible the director is only have a little fun.

Day 7

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Expected to by the next DC Comics-based film to go into production, Shazam! is rumored to be eyeing such actors as John Cena and Joshua Sasse for the title role. It's targeted for release in 2019.

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