• Although Shazam! stands on its own, it includes nods to DC comics and films. 1 / 10

    Zachary Levi as Shazam in Shazam! Profile
  • Some are obvious, such as the multiple references to Batman and Superman, but others less so. 2 / 10

    Batman v Superman vertical
  • The Man of Steel even scores a cameo, of sorts. 3 / 10

    DC Extended Universe Superman Costume
  • Aquaman receives plenty of shoutouts, on Freddy's T-shirts and in the post-credits. 4 / 10

    Jason Momoa shines as Aquaman.
  • 5 / 10

  • And the Rock of Eternity hides Easter eggs from the comics, both classic and more recent. 6 / 10

  • The influential comic series Watchmen is even represented in one of the film's early scenes. 7 / 10

    Batman holds the Button from Watchmen,
  • But the most obscure nod may not be that talking worm, but rather the Crocodile Men ... 8 / 10

    Mister Mind vertical
  • ... whose roots stretch back to 1943, and the Monster Society of Evil. 9 / 10

    Zachary Levi in Shazam!
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