Shazam: The 10 Most Powerful Members of The Marvel Family, Ranked

Shazam Family

Shazam! hit theaters to great critical acclaim and solid box office success. With the movie, fans were re-introduced to Billy Batson, one of the earliest superheroes in comic book history and the character formerly known as Captain Marvel. He was also the first superhero that had a "family" of heroes fighting by his side in the Marvel Family.

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When DC brought him back as Shazam in the pages of their comics, he was still Billy Batson, the child who took on the role of a God and soon his supporting characters returned as well, this time renamed: the Shazam Family. They included two members of the original Marvel Family and three more new family members. The Shazam! movie brought them to the big screen as well. Here is a look at the most powerful members of the Marvel Family, both from the past and the present day iterations.

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The least powerful member of the Marvel Family is easily Dudley H. Dudley, who went by the name Uncle Marvel. This is because he has no powers. Uncle Marvel was an old man who learned about the Marvel Family and then showed up pretending to be their long lost uncle. He then took on the role of their manager and pretended to have powers.

When asked why he couldn't fly, he claimed he had a case of "shazambago" and that caused his powers to malfunction. When Mary learns he has no powers and isn't their uncle, she keeps his secret because she feels bad for the man. A new version returned in 1995 as a janitor at Billy's school where he joins them on their adventures.

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Way back in the days where Captain Marvel was a book published by Fawcett, a competitor to DC, the Marvel Family included three men who shared the name Billy Batson, who then combined to be known as the Lieutenant Marvels. These were Fat Marvel, Hill Marvel, and Tall Marvel, and they were there to help Captain Marvel when he needed assistance.

While not part of the official Marvel Family, they had the powers of Captain Marvel and assisted when held was needed. Their final appearance came during the Crisis on Infinite Earths where Captain Marvel's greatest nemesis Doctor Sivana captured them right before the multiverse collapsed, wiping their world -- and these three heroes -- from existence.


Darla Dudley showed up first in the Flashpoint series when she was one of five kids (and their cat) who ended up transformed into a hero when the wizard Shazam granted her powers. Darla received the powers of Mercury, which was superhuman speed. She could hit Mach 10 when running and could also fly through sheer will.

On Prime Earth, she was a young girl -- the youngest member of the new Shazam Family. She has the powers of Captain Marvel, but once again her main power is her super speed. In the movie Shazam!, Darla was played by Faithe Herman as a child and Meagan Good as the superhero.

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The second new member of the Shazam Family in Flashpoint was Eugene Choi. Along with Darla and the other kids, he went into the Rock of Eternity and was granted powers by the wizard Shazam. The powers granted to Eugene was the wisdom of Solomon. He not only had the superhuman intelligence but he also had clairvoyance, the power of hypnosis and could speak and understand any language.

As with the other kids, this changed on New Earth. In the Shazam! movie, Eugene was already extremely intelligent before gaining powers as he was a computer expert and helped Billy find his real mother. He was played by Ian Chen as a child and Ross Butler as a superhero.


The third and final new member of the Shazam Family introduced in Flashpoint was Pedro Pena. He was a young, overweight Latino boy who went with the other kids to the Rock of Eternity and gained his powers. He was granted the power of Hercules, meaning super strength, making him one of the most powerful of the new Marvel Family kids.

Pedro could effortlessly lift more than 100 tons, could punch through walls and bend steel, and lift very heavy objects. On Prime Earth, he was older but still an overweight young man who was granted super strength. In the Shazam! movie, he was portrayed by Jovan Armand as a child and D.J. Cotrona as a superhero.


Known as Shazam in the classic Fawcett and DC comic books and simply The Wizard after DC changed Billy Batson's name from Captain Marvel to Shazam, this is the character that gave the Marvel Family their powers. He has great powers, but is over 9,000 years old and has grown weaker as he ages.

Knowing that he was not as strong as he used to be, Shazam set out to find a successor. His first attempt was a failure, as Teth-Adam became Black Adam and was a merciless villain after receiving his powers. Finally, he found someone worthy of the powers and granted the gift to Billy Batson, who became the hero to represent what the Wizard could no longer accomplish -- at which point the Wizard died.

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Mary Marvel was one of the early members of the Marvel Family. She was the twin sister of Billy Batson and took on the role of Mary Marvel to help defend Fawcett City from evil. She continued in the role during the New Earth era of DC when Billy and Mary were reunited after Mary was taken and failed to believe her name was Bromfield.

Her powers were similar to those of her brother Billy. When Mary was brought back in the pages of the Prime Earth era of DC, she was Mary Bromfield once again, part of the same foster family as Billy Batson. In this world, she had the stamina of Atlas. As one of the longest lasting members of the Marvel Family, and the oldest of them all, she remains very powerful, known as Lady Shazam.

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Freddy Freeman was the best friend and fellow foster child with Billy Batson. In the Fawcett days, he was known as Captain Marvel Jr. and was the sidekick of Captain Marvel, sharing all his powers -- the first person that Billy shared his powers with. He remained a powerful hero in New Earth, a handicapped orphan who became a champion like his foster brother.

When Billy was made the controller of the Rock of Eternity after the death of The Wizard, it was Freddy that took his place as the champion left to defend the Earth. After Flashpoint, Freddy was given the powers of Zeus -- easily the most powerful of the Marvel Family behind only Billy Batson.

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Black Adam

Black Adam is a very interesting character -- one that always straddles the line between hero and villain. He is one of the most powerful villains in DC but at the same time, he is also someone who will use his powers to protect those he loves and rules over -- albeit in a deadly manner. He was also a member -- reluctantly -- of the Marvel Family at times.

Teth-Adam was the first person that the Wizard granted the powers of the gods, but he rebelled and turned evil -- banished far away. He made his way back and became the most hated villain of Billy Batson over time. He also started his own Black Marvel Family with his wife Isis and brother Osiris during a period where he tried to do the right thing but was pushed into a corner by other heroes and world governments who distrusted him.

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Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel, was the man who started it all and is the most powerful member of the Marvel Family without question. He was given the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the lightning of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury.

To understand his powers, from the earliest days to the most recent examples, Shazam is as powerful as Superman -- possibly more so in some ways as Superman has a weakness to magic, which is what fuels Shazam's powers. Of course, he also has a child's mind, so that is where Superman has the advantage. With that said, only Black Adam comes close to Shazam's powers and since Billy always wins, that makes him an easy number one among Marvel Family members.

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