Shazam Character Info May Tease Another Villain, Black Adam Cameo


With the cast beginning to arrive in Vancouver for filming, new character breakdowns have hit for DC's latest superhero flick, Shazam!, and they seem to hint at a rather surprising cameo from none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam.

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The folks over at That Haashtag Show are back with more character descriptions for Shazam!, including an interesting description for Mark Strong's villain, and the arrival of Beautia and Magnificus Sivana. Most surprisingly, though, is the possible tease of a character that has been previously confirmed not to appear in the film -- Black Adam.

When it was announced that the Rock would be sitting out Shazam! in favor of his own solo film, fans began to wonder who Levi's hero would go on to battle, with reports later confirming Mark Strong would be playing the villainous role of Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, aka Doctor Sivana. However, the film appears to be taking some liberties with the character. According to the character breakdown for Sivana, as shown below, Strong's Sivana will be more of a sorcerer than a scientist.

THADDEUS BODOG SIVANA – “Evil sorcerer who regenerates from death with world domination on his mind.” Supporting Lead Male

With the addition of Doctor Sivana, it's not entirely surprising that the film looks to be bringing in Beautia and Magnificus Sivana -- the children of the evil doctor. While Beautia looks to be an ally of Billy's, the character descriptions tease a battle between Shazam and Magnificus, making it hard to tell if the film will develop the character beyond a villain alongside his father.

BEAUTIA SIVANA – “Sivana’s devoted daughter. When he does not return her love, she changes loyalties and helps Billy out.” Supporting Lead Female

MAGNIFICUS SIVANA – “Sivana’s incredibly giant and strong son that has a huge battle with Shazam.” Supporting Lead Male

Also included in the character breakdowns, unsurprisingly, is the role of the wizard who bestows his powers upon Billy.

SHAZAM – “Elderly wizard who is forced to give his powers to a young boy before the boy is ready.” Supporting Lead Male

The biggest surprise, however, is a single line teasing a "mysterious man" who serves as Shazam's underling. What's most interesting about this is that it's described as a cameo role. Now, while it's hard to know what character this is, it could be a cover up for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam. Of course, that would go against what DC's Geoff John's has previously stated -- stressing that Black Adam will not make an appearance in the film. Of course, films can always make changes along their way to production.

MYSTERIOUS MAN – “Shazam’s underling.” Cameo Male

Production on the film is set to kick off shortly in Vancouver, with a majority of the cast having already arrived for the first script read. Actor Asher Angel, who is set to play Bill Batson in the film, updated his Instagram story last night to reveal the first shot of him and Levi at what looks to be the first cast table read.

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Arriving in theaters on April 5, 2019, Shazam! stars Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Asher Angel, Grace Fulton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Faithe Herman and Cooper Andrews.

(via That Hashtag Show)

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