Shawn Ryan Is <i>Without Remorse</i>

Jack Ryan isn't the only Tom Clancy penned character making a big screen comeback. In addition to Paramount Pictures' developing Moscow, the studio has also tapped The Shield creator Shawn Ryan to adapt Clancy's Without Remorse, which tells the origin story of covert operative John Clark.

Without Remorse focuses on war veteran John Kelly, who later adopts the alias John Clark, as he seeks out a Baltimore drug ring to avenge the death of his girlfriend. The story also covers John's time as a soldier in Vietnam, including a covert op that led to the rescue of an admiral's son from behind enemy lines. It's currently unknown whether or not the film will preserve the story's 1970s setting.

A fan favorite character in Clancy's Ryanverse, Clark has made his way to the big screen twice before: he was played by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger and later by Liev Schreiber in The Sum of All Fears. There's no word on casting right now, but given that this is a younger version of Clark, it could be a great role for an actor like Joseph Gordon-Levitt or anyone but Channing Tatum.

In addition to Without Remorse, Paramount has a Ryan reboot on the way in the form of Moscow, starring Chris Pine and directed by Jack Bender of Lost fame.

Source: Vulture

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