Shawn Ryan, Eric Kripke Make 'Time' for NBC

"Shield" creator Shawn Ryan and "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke -- showrunner during the ongoing series' first five seasons (aka pure awesomeness) -- have teamed to create a new time-travel based action drama, which has gained a pilot commitment as NBC.

As reported by Deadline, and described as "'Back to the Future' meets 'Mission: Impossible,'" "Time" centers on a trio of time-travelers battling criminals throughout history. For fans of Ryan and Kripke, it sounds like the series combines the drama of "The Shield" with the action-adventure of "Supernatural," except instead of paranormal activity we have sci-fi excitement. Either way, we're already way sold on the series just based on the concept and the creators.

Along with co-writing the script, Ryan and Kripke will executive produce the series.

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