Sharon Stone's Secret Marvel Role Has A Superpower

Just over a month after first hinting at a role in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie, a new bit of information has been revealed about Sharon Stone's mystery character. During a feature article with Stone, Jane Fonda and Alfre Woodard, AARP revealed this bit of info about Stone's upcoming role:

Stone has been cast as a superhero - she'll only reveal that her secret power is heat - in a yet-to-be-named movie, also for Marvel.

It's still not known which Marvel movie Stone has a part in, nor is it known which character -- apparently a superhero with "heat" powers -- she'll be playing.

However, Screen Rant has a hypothesis that does makes some sense. It's possible that Stone may be playing the original Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) in 2018's "Ant-Man & the Wasp" film. There are a number of clues that point to this being possible: Stone is the right age to play a character that was a superhero in the '80s and be the mother of Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne, and she notably starred with Michael Douglas (who plays Jan's husband Hank Pym) in 1992's "Basic Instinct." And while Wasp doesn't have heat powers per se, she does have sting blasts that could easily be described as such. The fact that AARP says she's playing a superhero also limits the possibilities, excluding villains and human supporting characters. And with "Doctor Strange" and "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" already in production and the cast of "Thor: Ragnarok" announced, it would make sense for Stone's unrevealed character to be part of a film that's a little further down the production schedule.

Then there's her original quote itself: "I'm just doing a wee part in a Marvel movie, upcoming, and I can't tell, because you know, you have to sign confidentiality agreements. But I'm going to do a wee part in a Marvel movie now. That's it." The word "wee" could describe both the part and Wasp's size-changing powers.

While Janet Van Dyne did appear in a flashback scene in 2015's "Ant-Man," her face was not seen. The film also alluded to the possibility that the character did not die, but was rather lost in a subatomic universe. Stone could, if this theory plays out, either play Van Dyne in a flashback or in the present day.

"Ant-Man and the Wasp" opens on July 6, 2018.

(via Screen Rant)

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