<i>Sharknife V2: Double Z</i> due from Oni Press in February

The long-delayed followup to 2005's Sharknife by Corey Lewis looks like it'll finally hit comic shops early next year, according to Oni Press' solicitations for next February. The solicitation text for Sharknife V2: Double Z says:

Caesar is just a busboy at the an Asian seafood restaurant, until that is, he eats one of the Guandong Factory's famous magic fortune cookies -- then he's transformed into the astounding warrior, Sharknife, defender of delicacies and destroyer of dessert-interrupting monsters! It's big action, big monsters, and big attitude in this big sequel from the Rey!

Lewis had noted on his blog in September that the book was done, and he is already working on his next project. In addition to the new volume, Oni will also release a new edition of the first volume in February with a new cover and some new material, a "Bonus Stage with Karate Ray."

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