Sharknado Franchise Will End With a Time-Traveling Finale

The Syfy network has been releasing entries in the campy and violent Sharknado series for the last six years. The films, which base their entire premise on a tornado made of sharks terrorizing the world and a family constantly caught up in the chaos, have released on a yearly basis, but the upcoming sixth film will be the final one in the series.

In an announcement from TVLine, SyFy has said that Sharknado 6 (it currently lacks a subtitle like the earlier sequels) will close out the franchise when it releases later this year. But that is not all. The sixth film will involve time travel -- a first for the series.

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Last year's film concluded with series protagonist Finn Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) stranded on a destroyed Earth that fell at the fins of multiple sharknadoes, and he will now have to travel back to the very first Sharknado and stop it before history repeats itself.

Joining Ziering in the film will be Vivica A. Fox, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo, along with a currently unreleased slate of stunt castings and cameos. Returning to the director's chair will be Anthony C. Ferrante, who has directed every film in the series.

Sharknado 6 will come to Syfy on July 25.

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