Sharing is caring: McCarthy, Mort Walker and more

OK, so I was getting a bit tired of saving up all the good art links and stuff until Friday, so I've decided to start to piecemeal it out over the week in short posts like these. Freaky Friday will still be around (assuming folks enjoy it) but will lean more towards the oddball and weird than the obligatory pretty art post.

All clear? Good. Moving on ...

Mike Lynch shares some great original art from an old Mad magazine piece, which invited comic strip artists like Charles Schulz and Mort Walker to try their hand at "what they'd really like to do." I actually remember this bit, but only because it was reprinted in one of those later "Super Specials."

Elsewhere, Tom Gaud has a Flicker set of cartoons he did for the UK's Guardian newspaper.

The great Brendan McCarthy takes a trip down memory lane to re-examine the Electric Hoax strip he did way back when.

I forgot to mention that Ivan Brunetti did a great cover for the New Yorker last week, but Blog Flume noticed.

And finally, Alex Robinson reminices about life as a comics fan in the Big Apple for New York magazine.

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