Sharing is caring: Coke ads, Darwin and Star Wars

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* Drew Friedman riffs on Janis Joplin and The Godfather.

* Any excuse I can have to link to a Kate Beaton comic is a good one.

* D&Q posts a massive one-page strip by John Stanley that could have easily fit within the pages of KE7.

* Monsters, ape-men, kung-fu and alligators. That's what you'll find at Johnny Sampson's blog. (via)

* Your totally awesome news of the month: Animator  Hayao Miyazaki is apparently making manga again. In watercolor no less.

* Cartoonist Sam Hiti did a six page comic for a Coke Zero ad campaign in Hong Kong and is kind enough to share the final results.

* Star Wars fans take note: If you haven't seen it already yet, BioWare and Dark Horse have teamed up to produce Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Threat of Peace, as a way to hype the upcoming video game. Words are by Rob Chestney. Art is by Alex Sanchez.  (via)

* Dash Shaw mashes up his own work with that of Frank Cho, with considerably odd results.

* Here's something I was heretofore unaware of: James Kochalka is doing a series of comics based off of the odd Mii avatars he creates with his Nintendo Wii. It's called Monster Mii.

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