Shanghai Disney's 'Tron' ride looks like a scene from the movie

Although the new Shanghai Disney Resort doesn't officially open until June 16, we already have an up-close look at its Tron-inspired roller coaster, thanks to incredible point-of-view footage captured during a cast preview.

Be warned: If you get motion sickness, or have bad memories of the Grid, you may want to turn away, because this video puts you right in the middle of the action.

Called the Tron Light Cycle Power Run, the ride sends guests on (attached) light cycles  through a tunnel of light, video and sound, before they break out, ever so briefly, into the open air before they return into relative darkness. There, they twist and turn through the Grid until ... game over.

There's no indication of whether the roller coaster might make its way to Disneyland or Disney World, but who knows? Between the Light Cycle Power Run and Legacy-themed show car, it doesn't appear as if Disney is ready to give up on Tron just yet.

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