Shane Black's 'Predator' is a Sequel, Not a Reboot

The Predator franchise is about to go back to its roots in a very real way following the news this week that Iron Man 3 writer/director Shane Black will helm a new take on Predator, reuniting him with the franchise he appeared in three decades ago.

Initial reports pegged the take by Black and writer Fred Dekker as a reboot of the high-tech alien hunter, but in an interview with Collider, the filmmaker revealed he views his Predator as a sequel.

"Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?" said Black, who added that he's not a fan of reboots but can "really get behind inventive sequels." As a result, he and Dekker are planning on "expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button."

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