If you thought "Maximum Carnage" put both Spider-Man and readers through the ringer, than let’s introduce you to the universally hated "Clone Saga". There isn’t a soul out there who enjoyed the multi-year long story. Arguably the worst Spider-Man story ever written, it might have started with a nifty concept, but

the execution made everyone want to run for the hills.

Fans didn’t know who the real Spider-Man was, but that was the least of their concerns. New characters and story arcs kept getting introduced without rhyme or reason until there was no end in sight. The problem stemmed from Marvel’s editorial department as they became lost in the labyrinth they’d built themselves. The result was a chaotic and completely unorganized story. As a result, the "Clone Saga" lasted a staggering three years. Yet the final nail in the coffin was resurrecting Norman Osborn for no particular reason.

Maximum Carnage – Amazing Spiderman Splash Cover

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