20 Shameful Images Of Wonder Woman You Can Never Unsee

Wonder Woman has been a loved character in the DC Universe for decades. She is one of the first females to be called a superhero and only one to grow up on an island called Paradise Island where there is only females. Her ability to always chose good, her awesome truth-telling lasso and beautiful wavy hair are just some features everyone adores. Even though she was formed from clay by her mother Hippolyta, she is just like everyone else in that she is has love interests and fears and is definitely not perfect. Sometimes she gets punched, spanked or bonded by her enemies. But she has a strong will and determination to push through and always ends up winning toward the end.

Wonder Woman first appeared in Action Comics in 1941, so there are over 70 years worth of different origin stories, artwork styles and fight scenes. So we rounded up the most embarrassing photos in comics of Wonder Womans from the Golden Age in comics to the Modern Age. Brace yourself for pictures of Wonder Woman being tied up (lots and lots of binding), struck and exploited -- these are the 15 most shameful images of Wonder Woman, you can’t unsee.

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This version of crotch-grabbing Wonder Woman is from Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One. Morrison had been planning this version of Wonder Woman for years and decided to take some different approaches in the comics, which critics gave him heat for. For one, Steve Trevor is not a love interest in this version of Wonder Woman’s origin story.

In the comics, there is the usual storyline of Diana’s mother forbidding her to do things like compete in Amazonian games. Then Steve washes up on the shore of the Amazon’s island, Themyscira. This is when Diana takes an interest in him because he is a man in an all-women island (shown in picture above), but she does not develop a romantic interested in him, she just wanted to check out what was going on downstairs.


Now there is nothing wrong with crying, but there is something wrong with whining. This comic is from the Silver Age of comics which is why Diana is whining over Steve. That little kid in the panel is right, many people love Wonder Woman but she is settling for being in a up-and-down relationship with Steve Trevor.

Steve and Diana didn’t start dating until the Silver Age of comics and as we all know from comic books about relationships, it’s hard to date a superhero. They just up and leave at anytime and their excuse is that it’s “for the greater good.” This was the main problem in Steve and Diana’s relationship. And as you can see, sometimes love is a rocky and bumpy road.


This picture poses so many questions: Why is Wonder Woman being spanked? Why is she winking? Why is the spoon backwards in the girl’s mouth? From reading the description in the panel, only one of those questions is partially answered, the spanking part. In this Sensation Comics issue, “Wonder Woman, beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules and swifter than Mercury, which is really very un-grown up inside, finds a way to visit the fascinating country of ‘Grown-Down Land.’”

So Wonder Woman is getting spanked because she is in Grown-Down Land. Spanking started showing up in the Golden Age of comics and this is one of the instances. In the issue, Wonder Woman helps children reunite with their families by going into the children’s dreamworld, hence the Grown-Down Land.


Batwoman choking Wonder Woman with her own lasso is quite the awesome moment, although, for Wonder Woman this is not one of her best looking moments in comic book history. This panel is from Injustice: Gods Among Us where she gets beaten up by Batwoman (who doesn’t even how powers). Injustice: Gods Among Us is a comic series that is a prequel to the video game Injustice.

Batwoman is seeking revenge on Diana because Diana accidently killed her friend Huntress. Huntress and Wonder Woman were fighting and the lasso was around Huntress and Wonder Woman had a lapse of judgement in her strength and went too far, snapping Huntress’ neck. The photo above is when Batwoman waits until Wonder Woman is vulnerable and pounces with force.


More bondage of Wonder Woman, means it’s another Golden Age comic. So in this comic, Wonder Woman is held hostage on a trim private yacht. Her kidnapper got ahold of her lasso and even Wonder Woman is no match for her own lasso. She then takes Wonder Woman in a room and lays her down and ties her arms and legs with the lasso … but that is not enough. To make herself feel more secure with Wonder Woman tied up alone, she tapes X's over each eye and the mouth. The tape on her face is certainly more comical than serious.

To escape, she sends a mental radio message to Etta. Then uses her ultra strong facial muscles to open the tape on her mouth. But … “Un-uhn! My feminine vanity won’t let me pull out my eyelashes! I’ll have to escape blindfolded!”


Diana’s thought bubble would never show up in the modern age we live in now, and if it did there would be tons of controversy around it. In her thought bubble in this particular panel, she thinks it’s OK to be a woman and a slave to a man, the only bad thing about being a slave is having a master or evil mistress.

The right panel of this comic is more popular by itself, which can be made into a different context altogether. But when you add in the left panel, it changes to gender equality. This version of Diana in the Golden Age of comics has been called anti-feminist and this is probably due to blasé of bondage and women being slaves to men.


The 1942 series of Wonder Woman is when Doctor Cyber is first introduced. In the panel, Doctor Cyber has Diana tied to a chair and is getting ready to cut off her face for scientific purposes, all while Hawkman watches from afar. Doctor Cyber blames the Amazon Princess for her ugly appearance and makes it her mission to see that Diana is not beautiful anymore.

In the issue, the reason why Hawkman is observing on the sidelines is because he is on Diana-watch duty to see if she is ready to join the Justice League. She previously lost her powers in the last issue and got them back, just in time to be tied up by a creepy doctor. She ends up stopping Doctor Cyber (of course) and getting reinstated into the Justice League.


The Amazon Princess was built from clay and has the strength of gods ... but she is not bulletproof. In this comic she is being defeated by a gun and a bullet. The Princess’ weapons are her sword, Lasso of Truth and bracelets or gauntlets. Contrary to the newest Wonder Woman film, the Amazons did have technology on their island.

In Themyscira, the Amazons developed new technology such as an invisible jet and a purple ray healing gun. They were no strangers to technology, so why isn’t Diana bulletproof? She has been punched by Superman, battled Darkseid alongside the Justice League and has earrings that let her breathe in outer space. The only way she is able to stop bullets is with her bracelets Her tiny bodysuit armour isn’t even able to protect bullets from piercing her skin.


Out of context, this panel looks like Wonder Woman is kissing Nightwing than getting punched by Batman which looks embarrassing for Diana. And that’s exactly what it is, but Diana is not herself. We have seen Wonder Woman with Batman and Superman, but it looks like her encounter with Nightwing, wasn’t even her real encounter.

In the Joker’s Last Laugh series, lots of havoc is created. In short, the whole series is about The Joker going all out and doing as much crazy as he can because he has a brain tumor. Nightwing gets transported into an alternate reality where there are other superheroes that aren’t really themselves. This is where he encounters Wonder Woman and receives an intimate kiss. So out of context this looks like Wonder Woman is getting punched by Batman because she kissed Nightwing, which is why it’s makes our shameful images list.


Darkseid’s way of getting information from Diana is to strap her to a table and torture her with different levels of intensity. She handles the torture like a pro but it is another instance were she gets herself bound and tied down to a... well, to a something. In this issue, Darkseid kidnaps Diana from Themyscira and takes her to his homeworld, Apokolips.

She was easily able to escape Darkseid from torturing her, so why did she get captured in the first place? The issue starts off with her being tortured, so we do not get much information of how. When he was Diana escapes Darkseid and faints when she finds out she is in Apokolips. When she wakes, she is confronted with a God of New Genesis, Metron.


Diana and her friends got themselves trapped again … but this time it is inside a beehive with an evil queen. The Queen Bee’s main goal as the featured villain is to rule the world by enslaving all conscious minds. Wonder Woman works with the Justice League, but Queen Bee puts her main focus on Diana and even wishes she had a collar for her enslavement.

In Action Comics, Diana is submitting to slavery so her friends’ minds can be free from the control of Queen Bee. While Diana’s mind is enslaved, she fights her inner mind to escape while on the outside, Queen Bee is defeating the Justice League. Her unwavering mental strength is what brings her out of the comma and able to escape just in the knick of time to defeat Queen Bee all by herself and free the Justice League.


This is another panel from Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One. In Morrison’s version, Diana has a female lover on Paradise Island, so she has no romantic interest in Steve. But she does want to be bound to him and take care of him and keep him from harm. Steve is the damsel in distress with no powers and washes up on shore in an unfamiliar territory.

While planning Earth One, Morrison delved into the fascination of bondage with woman in comics. In this version, the Amazons view bondage as strength that bonds people for life through love. Instead of the violent submissions it has been used before. This is what Diana is doing with Steve in this scene with a studded, black leather collar.


Another unrealistic depiction of the female form. Diana is doing a weird backbend on this cover of her Silver Age comics issue. In this adventure, Wonder Woman got herself trapped again, only this time it is in a glass pyramid from a powerful Egyptian. Although the story may be centered around an evil Egyptian that wants to bring peace to Earth, it ends up really being about her relationship with Steve.

In the issue No. 231 “This Was has Been Canceled!” the Egyptian Osira is from another dimension, where Egypt still exists. She doesn’t like the war and violence on Earth, so she tries to change it and bring peace upon us. This plan ultimately backfires and she decides to steal Steve from Wonder Women instead.


In this not so popular issue of Wonder Woman #163, Diana must defeat the evil mistress of villainy, Paula Von Gunta, and also Giganta. The issue starts out with Steve and Diana on a lovely stroll through the zoo. There’s a female gorilla called Giganta that escaped from her cage because she is madly in love with Steve. Dr. Zool and Dr. Psycho decide to experiment on a female gorilla.

They end up turning the Giganta into a human, who is still in love with Steve. This causes a fight between Diana and Giganta which doesn’t last long. Then Paula Von Gunta decides to show up, and she also loves Steve. Paula lives her life as the leader of a gang who rob woman when they are are at the hair salon. Paula uses her hypnotic laser contacts to take out Wonder Woman so she can have Steve to herself.


According to Dr. Psycho, the reason he decided to turn Wonder Woman into a gorilla is: “You’re pretty enough to be a gorilla -- so I’m going to turn you into one of us!” Thankfully the artists did a three-part panel of the gorilla transformation, so we get the full effect.

Issue 170 is the first volume of the Wonder Woman series and was reprinted in DC Goes Ape. In this issue, Dr. Psycho transforms a gang leader into looking like Steve Trevor by using plastic surgery. This messes with Diana’s mind and she is unable to fight him, because he looks just like Steve. While that is going on, a group of gorillas land on Earth from space and turn Diana into a Gorilla as well as other Amazons to keep as wives.


Diana Prince, Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman standing on a chair, scared of a mouse is indeed a shameful image you cannot unsee. This panel is from issue #171 where Diana fights a large demon man-fish. The irony of Wonder Woman fighting a slimy man-fish that is also a demon but then gets scared of a mouse the next page is not comical in the slightest, just embarrassing.

Later in the issue, Steve and Diana visit an old villain Mouse Man in prison. He appeared briefly in the issue to let readers know he is still a villain and then it went back to the main story line. Aside from being scared by a mouse, Diana gets captured by a man-fishes net on Paradise Island. She is taken to his underwater lair where she finds other mermaids that are captured. She rescues them and herself.


Once again we have the Amazon Princess being captured while someone from the Justice League watches, this time it’s the Flash. The Justice League take turns looking after Wonder Woman in the series to see if she is a suitable member. It is Flash’s turn to watch Diana while she fights crime to see if she is ready to become a member of the Justice League.

In issue #213, a giant robot from outer space accidently wreaks havoc on Earth and it is up to Wonder Woman to stop him. The robot wanted to originally bring peace to Earth by removing the aggressive abilities in humans. But something goes wrong instead and the Amazon Princess is forced to restore the balance. Thankfully Flash helps as well as Hippolyta at bringing Earth back to normal.


This is what Diana looks like when she is hit in the face with a huge mallet. This issue of All-Star Section Eight is actually filled with shameful images of Wonder Woman in a very comical manor. In this issue, Wonder Woman shows up for a wedding and then events starts to turn sour and she gets hit with a large wooden mallet.

After she gets hit, she proceeds to say: “Hello. My name is Diana. I am very strong.” Not only does she see stars and flying amazons when she is hit, she also turns into an adult child. She whines and dances around and talks about wanting to be on a superteam. This is an embarrassing version of Wonder Woman compared to the usual strong heroine.


Watch out Steve Trevor, you have some competition. In this issue, Diana marries a monster. Nothing says shameful like marrying a monster. In the beginning, Diana is tired of men oogling after her so she takes a single’s vacation to Paradise Island. While there, she finds a floating island that has a unattractive prince living on it.

His name is Mr. Monster and she decides to marry him to teach him a valuable lesson about life and beauty within. She also notices that he turns into a monster when he does bad things, but a handsome man when he does good things, she enjoys the handsome side of him. Luckily for Diana though, Mr. Monster runs off last minute and doesn’t want to get married.


And so we've come to the final binding and shameful image of Wonder Woman. Here she is teaching the safest way to tie up a girl’s arms using a fellow Amazon as an example. In the Gold Ages of comics, when the Amazons were bored, they played binding games to practice the best way to straddle and bind someone.

When we think of Amazons training on Paradise Island, we picture swords clashing and arrows hitting shields. This visual of Diana straddling a fellow Amazon and talking about playing binding games is something completely different of what we had in mind. We are lucky the art, character development and storlines have improved throughout the years. But these shameful photos of Wonder Woman still make her the Amazon Princess she is today.

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