'Shaft' wins story of the year at the Glyph Awards

The winners of the Glyph Awards, which honor black comics creators and characters, were announced Friday in Philadelphia at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention.

The Story of the Year award went to Shaft, written by David F. Walker and illustrated by Bilquis Evely. In an interview with CBR last year, Walker discussed the comic and how it was strongly influenced by the original novels that the 1970s movie was based on. Keef Cross took the Best Writer Award for Day Black, the story of a vampire who moonlights (literally) as a tattoo artist. And Nelson Blake II won the Best Artist award for his Image Comics series Artifacts.

Here's the full list:

Story of the Year: Shaft; David F. Walker, writer; Bilquis Evely, artist

Best Writer: Keef Cross, Day Black

Best Artist: Nelson Blake II, Artifacts

Best Cover: Offset #1 – The Man Who Travels with a Piece of Sugarcane; Tristan Roach

Best Male Character: Bass Reeves; Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth; Joel Christian Gill, writer and artist

Best Female Character: Ajala Storm; Ajala: A Series of Adventures; Robert Garrett, writer; N Steven Harris and Walt Msonza Barna, artists

Rising Star Award: Alverne Ball and Jason Reeves, writers; Lee Moyer and Ari Syahrazad, artists; One Nation: Old Druids

Best Comic Strip or Webcomic: Kamikaze; Alan and Carrie Tupper, writers and artists; Havana Nguyen, artist

Best Reprint Publication: Techwatch; Chameleon Creations

Fan Award for Best Work: One Nation: Safehouse; Jason Reeves, writer; Samax Amen and Deon De Lange, artists

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