'Shaft' Producer Clarifies Reboot's Tone: 'It's Drama'

While speaking with Collider, producer John Davis set the record straight regarding the direction of the upcoming "Shaft" reboot.

When it was learned that a pair of sitcom writers -- "Black-ish" creator Kenya Barris and "The Goldbergs'" Alex Barnow -- were handling the script for the new "Shaft" feature, it was presumed that the movie would be an action comedy. Initial reports corroborated these assumptions, but that the film would be an action film with a comedic tone. Davis, however, says this isn't the case.

“It’s a reinvention of the story so that it’s both fresh and harkens back to what we love about that character," said Davis. "It’s drama, but it’s going to be drama with a lot of fun moments. A lot of lighter moments.”

Davis also spoke about the appeal of Shaft and what makes him an enduring character. "He’s just the greatest badass," said Davis. "You start with an amazing character -– a great badass with charisma. He’s a lot like Phillip in [Davis' NBC series 'The Player'], guys with a kind of violent past who are willing to stand up to stuff, who will go to unconventional means to do what’s right.”

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