Shadowman #6

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Shadowman #6 from acclaimed writer Justin Jordan and all-star artists Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett and Neil Edwards! Shadowman's brand new story arc, "Darque Reckoning," is on the rise for the Valiant Universe! When the undead begin to attack throughout New Orleans, can the combined forces of Shadowman and Dr. Mirage repel an army that can't be killed?

As Master Darque devises his escape from the Deadside, his earthly minions in the Brethren crime syndicate are shoring up their ranks and preparing the city for the second coming of their dark sovereign. Their operations, however, have drawn the attention of a mysterious, pistol-wielding assassin, who has been retaliating against the Brethren on behalf of a long-forgotten New Orleans deity named Baron Samedi, lord of the dead - a deity that Master Darque has just paid a visit in the Deadside...

As the dead rise and unholy alliances are forged, Jack Boniface is about to find out that the true cost of becoming the Shadowman is always paid in blood - and that Master Darque intends to collect - in Shadowman #6, the second chapter of "Darque Reckoning," on sale April 3rd!

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