Shadowman #14

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Shadowman #14! Peter Milligan and Roberto de la Torre's savage exploration of the Shadowman mythos continues here on January 8th in the next chapter of the brand new story arc, "Fear, Blood, and Shadows"!

As the Shadowman loa begins to exert its influence in even more unexpected ways, Jack Boniface is quickly coming to terms with the darkness inside him and finding out firsthand just how brutal unchecked power can be. With word of Shadowman's increased unpredictability spreading across New Orleans, Jack's former allies in the Abettors grow even more suspicious of their latest trainee...and begin to consider drastic measures...

On January 8th, pick up Shadowman #14 to find out why fans and critics agree - master storytellers Peter Milligan and Roberto de la Torre have unleashed a devastating new vision of New Orleans' nocturnal guardian:

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