Shadowline Heads for the Dark Side with "In Her Darkest Hour"

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- Lisa, a young girl on her own for the first time, hovers on the brink of suicide. Her friends and family have abandoned her, and when she cries out for help, death is the first to answer the call. Now, living alone in an unfamiliar town at the peak of her youth, she's ready to give up everything. Can her newfound friend Joshua bring her back in time? SHADOWLINE proudly presents Fernanda Chiella's gripping debut, IN HER DARKEST HOUR.

Written and illustrated by 21-year-old Brazillian newcomer Fernanda Chiella, IN HER DARKEST HOUR stakes a claim on the emotional landscape of loneliness and doubt that everyone has wrestled with at their lowest ebb. With a mix of artistic virtuosity and an empathy for human frailty, Chiella creates a narrative that will appeal to anyone who has seen the dark side of life and come back to tell the tale.

"Fernanda delves into the darkest reaches of human emotions, and puts them on the page with an eloquence and visual polish well beyond her years," says Shadowline chief Jim Valentino. "IN HER DARKEST HOUR immediately impressed me with its honesty and gut wrenching power -- it's one of the finest debuts I've ever seen."

IN HER DARKEST HOUR is a 28-page one-shot with no ads, available in the June issue of Diamond Previews for products shipping in August. DIAMOND ORDER CODE: JUN071881

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