Shadowline Goes Surreal with "Poe"

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BERKELEY, CA – Edgar Allan Poe just lost everything. His dead wife is haunting him in his dreams, his latest book has bombed, and the imagination that fueled his stories has become a curse. His prayer to never dream again is answered one evening as he falls asleep in an outhouse. His discarded creativity takes the form of his dream child, Edgar Allan Poo, who must now undergo a strange odyssey through the poet's troubled mind. This August, Shadowline presents a twisted glimpse into the dream life of America's greatest fantasist in Dwight L. MacPherson & Thomas Boatwright's unusual epic THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO!

"By starting with the metaphor that Poe wants to discard his life and creativity, we open a door into his incredible imagination at its most troubled," explains writer Dwight MacPherson. "Though we're irreverent, this isn't scatological humor, but a surreal tribute to one of America's greatest writers told in a form that readers of all ages can enjoy."

Thomas Boatwright complements MacPherson's script with lush paintings reminiscent of classic Children's book illustrators. "Thomas does an incredible job bringing Poe's imagination to visual life," says Shadowline chief Jim Valentino. "He shows us a world filled with fantastic beasts, strange gods, and frightening landscapes that really capture the feelings that Poe evoked so strongly in his work."

A dark and beautiful fantasy in the tradition of Pan's Labyrinth, THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO will mesmerize readers of all ages with its wholly original take on America's original gothic master.

THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO ships this August, and is available in Diamond Previews (JUN071887). It is a full-color 96- page book in the 8.5" x 11" format similar to Image's hit book THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ. It is available for order through Diamond Previews (OCT061850).

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