Sex, Lies and Movie Royalty in Narwain's "Hollywood Noir"

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In the tradition of Brian De Palma thrillers like "Body Double" and"Blowout" comes Narwain's latest title.

"Hollywood Noir" is set in the sleazy underbelly of 1950s Hollywoodwhere a jealous producer and his trophy wife enter into a dangerous gameof obsession, sex and murder. It's up to an ex-cop turned screenwriterto wade into the shocking underworld of Hollywood royalty and unravelthis noir tale of death and desire.

Dario Maria Gulli, author of the acclaimed graphic novel "Wall AfterWall" is writing the book.

"Like many people, I've always been fascinated with the lives of moviecelebrities," said Gulli. "As often as not, these extravagant, alluringpeople have a dark side that shocks us, though part of us loves to seeit. This was never more true than in the 1950s industry and 'HollywoodNoir' is my chance to play in that world."

Legendary comic book artists Dick Giordano and Joe Rubinstein join Gullion the book.

"Hollywood Noir" is a 48 page, full color title for mature readers. Ithas a cover price of $5.99 US ($ 6.50 Canadian). You'll find it on page295 of the current (January) issue of Diamond Previews.

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