Sex Criminals #10

Story by
Art by
Chip Zdarsky
Colors by
Chip Zdarsky
Letters by
Chip Zdarsky
Image Comics

"Sex Criminals" #10 has Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky continue to do what they do best on this title: a mix of emotional/relationship drama, super-powered adventure and comedy. While there's a little something for everyone here, what makes this series stand out is how each piece integrates so well with the others.

Fraction's script for "Sex Criminals" #10 juggles the different aspects of the series as effortlessly as ever. Jon's attempts to tell Suzie that he loves her even when they're trying to activate their power at the same time as Kincaid is adorable yet fumblingly awkward and, in many ways, that just sums up a lot of the entire series. Even as this is happening, we get so much more. We're learning how everyone's powers are slightly different (or, in one case, majorly different) as well as the extent of Kegelface's reach into others' lives. For those who are all about the fight against the other timeshifters, don't worry; "Sex Criminals" #10 has that in spades.

I also appreciate that here, once again, Fraction has a series where he has room for some slightly tangential (but still connected) story bits when he so chooses. Robert Rainbow's explanation on why he became an OB/GYN (spoiler: it's not, as he's asked, because he's "super-into fingerblasting strangers") is touching and sweet even as there's a little bit of very dark humor in it. It doesn't hurt that Zdarsky ends up drawing a woman giving birth here, and it's drawn in a sensitive way that also doesn't hide what happens during such an event.

Then again, that's one of the hallmarks of "Sex Criminals" when it comes to the art. Whenever he needs to, Zdarsky draws a gentle, thoughtful comics page. Wandering around a bookstore, for example, focuses primarily on his characters' faces and the expressions that move across them as they explain where they're coming from. Of course, whenever it's appropriate, Zdarsky also isn't afraid to include signs on said shelves with phrases like "Breastsellers" or "Science-Dicktion." As funny as Fraction's scripts are at times, it's that combined with Zdarsky's comedic timing that make it work so well.

"Sex Criminals" #10 is another thoroughly enjoyable comic that achieves everything it sets out to do. Where does the series go from here? Hopefully, continuing to do just what it does best: that is, everything.

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