Seven Seas To Produce Original Manga

Official Press Release

(Los Angeles, September 30, 2004) - Dallas Middaugh and Jason DeAngelistoday announced the formation of Seven Seas Entertainment, a new LosAngeles-based publishing house dedicated to producing original manga for theinternational market. Manga remains at the forefront of an explosive rise ingraphic novel sales in American bookstores, and Seven Seas is the first U.S.company solely dedicated to publishing authentic original manga in theJapanese style.

In February 2005, Seven Seas will launch four ongoing graphic novel series.The company will debut these titles to the industry at the Frankfurt BookFair on October 5. A sneak peek of the publisher's work is available at thecompany's web site, www.gomanga.com, and full details about the fourflagship titles will be made available to the public on October 25.

"This is the beginning of a fun ride," remarked CEO Dallas Middaugh."Working with Jason has opened my eyes to some incredible artists who Ihonestly believe are destined to take manga to the next level in America,and to expand the market for original manga throughout the world." Nostranger to manga publishing, Middaugh has worked as the director of salesand marketing for Viz and currently consults with Del Rey Books as theirDirector of Manga, a relationship that will continue for the foreseeablefuture.

"It's thrilling to work with such talented artists and writers," said SevenSeas' President, Jason DeAngelis. "Creating original manga is a dream cometrue, and I'm confident that our work is on par with content coming out ofJapan." DeAngelis is also experienced in the manga field, having translatedsuch prominent manga titles as Berserk and Gundam Seed for Dark Horse andDel Rey, respectively. He is an expert on Japanese culture, having lived inJapan for six years, and has attended the UCLA Professional ScreenwritingProgram.

Seven Seas is dedicated to producing high quality original manga with strongstories and dynamic artwork. While Japan is rightfully acknowledged as thebirthplace of manga, the company believes it is an art form that can spanall cultures. Seven Seas seeks to promote the concept of "world manga" bycollaborating with talented international writers and artists to developstories with a universal appeal for a worldwide audience.

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