Seven Seas Nabs "Venus Versus Virus"

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES – Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce the latest must-have addition to its expanding manga line: Atsushi Suzumi's Venus Versus Virus manga, which is soon to become a full-length anime tv series in Japan.

Venus Versus Virus is a gorgeously illustrated fantasy horror series with yuri undertones that will appeal to fans of series such as Bleach. The story follows Sumire Takahana, a seemingly normal school girl cursed with the ability to see malevolent ghosts known as "Viruses." Her life hits a crossroads after a run-in with a "gothic lolita" clad monster killer for hire, Lucia Nahashia. Not content to stay on the sidelines while these "Viruses" prey on the weak, Sumire decides to join forces with the mysterious eyepatch-wearing Lucia to hunt down these "Viruses" before they can hurt anyone else.

Seven Seas' marketing campaign for Venus Versus Virus will include a brand-new flash animation teaser created by Jonathan Talas (Aoi House: The Music Video, No Man's Land: The Flash Anime).

Venus Versus Virus Volume 1 hits bookstores June 2007.

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