Seven Seas Entertainment launches tabletop games division

North American manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has launched a tabletop games division, Seven Seas Games.

Although there are few details in the initial announcement, the company states it will "meld the anime aesthetic with strategic card and board games, introducing fans to a whole new way of experiencing their favorite titles." The first game and Kickstarter campaign will be revealed Wednesday at 10 a.m. PT.

“Both manga and board games are cited as two areas of growth in the publishing industry,” Seven Seas President Jason DeAngelis said in a statement. “We’ve decided to combine both, appealing to manga and anime fans as well as gamers in a whole new way.”

Seven Seas is only the latest publisher to branch out into tabletop gaming: Dynamite Entertainment established Dynamite Toys and Games in September 2013, followed shortly thereafter by IDW Publishing's IDW Games.

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