The Seven Vs. The Justice League: Who Would Win?

Comics are full of characters with similar sets of powers and abilities. Over the years, DC and Marvel have both been known to imitate each other time and time again, with the success of one character being determined by the readers. However, every so often, an independent title will introduce a different version of a popular team or character in order to explore a different kind of story. Hence, Garth Ennis introduced The Seven in his comic, The Boys.

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With a very popular TV show now on Amazon Prime, The Seven has been shown to be quite powerful, in more ways than one. Considering how this dark reflection of the Justice League fits in with the rest of comic book culture, they certainly raise some interesting points about superheroes in general. Looking at several key differences between the two, here is our take on The Seven vs the Justice League, and who would actually win in a fight between the two.

11 Brains: Justice League

In terms of raw brain power, the Justice League has an advantage over The Seven. With members like Batman, Ray Palmer, Ted Kord, and Mr. Terrific on their side, some of the DC Universe’s smartest heroes reside on the team.

While most members of The Seven aren’t stupid, many of them regularly make less-than-informed, often reckless decisions. Furthermore, The Seven may have many intelligent people backing them, but those intelligent people work more on the hero's image rather than as a part of the actual team.

10 Brawn: Justice League

In both The Boys comics and the TV show, The Seven can’t help but feel like a watered-down version of the Justice League. For example, some members of The Seven require an additional boost for their powers to work, or other forms of external assistance, while others have more/greater weaknesses.

Though The Seven still packs some incredible firepower, Homelander isn’t nearly as powerful as Superman, and A-Train isn’t nearly as fast as The Flash, and so on. No matter how many characters come to the assistance of The Seven, the Justice League just packs a much more powerful punch on a regular basis.

9 Enemy Power Level: Justice League

Over the years, the Justice League has encountered all sorts of foes. From smaller threats like Starro, all the way up to Darkseid and dark multiverses, the Justice League has battled it all. The bigger the threat, the bigger the victory, and the Justice League has overcome almost every obstacle ever thrown at them.

Unfortunately for The Seven, none of the members have begun to take on threats as powerful as the ones the League has faced. Furthermore, some of their biggest rivals are a group of (mostly) average humans who are hell-bent on keeping the team in line.

8 Brutality: The Seven

One advantage that The Seven definitely has over the Justice League is in the execution of their methods. Oftentimes, individual Members of The Seven, as well as the whole team, have been shown to violently harm the criminals they are going up against, occasionally even killing them. As a result, many criminals often don’t return.

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Unfortunately, the amount of power and public support held by The Seven also means that they can get away with most acts of violence, especially if it can be spun in a positive light. As the premise of The Boys in general, it certainly helps readers/viewers come to appreciate the more compassionate nature of the Justice League. However, The Seven’s methods still give them an edge, making them the definitive victor in this regard.

7 Morality: The Seven

With their judgement often clouded by fame and personal desires, many members of The Seven have very little regard for lives that aren’t their own. Throughout the comic and the TV series, members of The Seven regularly mention how little they care for the people they protect.

For them, it is mostly an excuse to do whatever they want and get paid for it. Thankfully, the Justice League has a much stronger code. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that The Seven can still use this attribute to their advantage, making them the victor in this category.

6 Allies: Justice League

When times get really tough for the League, they can usually count on backup from the likes of the Teen Titans, the Justice Society, or the Outsiders, just to name a few. Because of their relationship with the other heroes, backup is almost always ready whenever the Justice League really needs it.

On the other hand, The Seven is easily the most powerful group in their respective universe. While The Boys comics have shown off a knockoff Teen Titans through the Teenage Kix, very few other groups are likely to come to their aid. While The Seven have some powerful friends, this round still goes to the Justice League.

5 Size: Justice League

As yet another negative for The Seven, corporate standing limits the team to only seven members at a time. While that number is more than enough in their universe, it also limits the team as to how many places they can be and crises they can solve all at once.

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The Justice League, on the other hand, has no minimum or maximum number of members required. As seen in the Justice League: Unlimited cartoon, hundreds of members can be called upon at any given moment to handle a specific task or crisis, making the League far more effective. Some of the more obscure members are incredibly strong, to boot!

4 Backing: The Seven

Though the Justice League may have some very wealthy financial backers among their ranks, The Seven still has them beat. Even though they may not have a private satellite in space, The Seven’s publicity team and financial backers help ensure that the team keeps going.

Because of this, these individuals are reinforcing the idea that these heroes can do whatever they want without consequence, but also keep them afloat. No matter how much money Batman or Ted Kord may put into the Justice League, The Seven still has far more manpower behind their funding, giving them another advantage.

3 Technology: Justice League

Even with all the money behind them, The Seven still doesn't have some of the insane sci-fi gadgets that the Justice League has. While The Seven isn’t short on the latest and greatest inventions, the Justice League has developed far more powerful gadgetry over the years, thanks to the personal amount of brainpower on board as well as being around far longer.

As mentioned previously, the Justice League is in possession of technology so advanced that they can teleport as well as live on a private satellite in space. Furthermore, Batman alone has more powerful and personal gadgets than The Seven could likely begin to imagine.

2 Experience: Justice League

Lastly, the Justice League has far more experience than The Seven. Though this is certainly an unfair advantage, the Justice League’s experiences and hardships continue to reflect in every version of the team, only improving on them as the grow.

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For the Justice League, The Seven is likely no greater a challenge than The Crime Syndicate, yet another dark reflection of the League. With all the intergalactic, interdimensional threats that the League has faced, The Seven likely presents very little challenge for DC’s team.

1 Winner: Justice League

Overall, the darker nature of The Seven is really their only advantage over the Justice League. Not only is the League far bigger and more powerful than The Seven, but they also have far more experience, allies and brain power to back them up further.

Though The Seven certainly offers a unique, twisted version of the Justice League themselves, they are still no match for the heroes they are based on, making the Justice League the clear winner in a duel between the two.

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