Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Things Fans Don't Know About Diane

The Seven Deadly Sins is a shonen anime featuring a large and dynamic group of characters. The show stands out for its character growth and interesting storylines. The Sins - Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride are a group of Holy Knights sworn to protect the kingdom, until one day they are framed. Cast out as traitors the group disbands and goes their separate ways. The story connects flashbacks and current happenings to weave an intricate narrative.

One character that stands out is Diane, the giant girl of the Seven Deadly Sins. Diane is a complex character. On a surface level, she is a brash and bold girl with incredible fighting skills. Diane struggles with fitting in and sometimes uses magic to shrink herself in size. Deep down, she is a sweet and gentle soul who just wants to belong. She finds her family with the sins. Let's take a look at some things you may not have known about her.

10 She is the Serpent Sin of Envy

Diane's sin is the Serpent Sin of Envy. She joined up with the sins after meeting Meliodas. They first met on a road where some knights were harassing her and he took up for her. Surprised by his kindness she returned to her giant home to inform her friend that they could be accepted somewhere besides their home. Sadly, her friend had been killed on a mission by some mountain bandits and she did not get to share the news of Meliodas' kindness.

The knights accuse Diane of murdering her mentor, Matrona, because she was envious of her. She was also accused of murdering more than 300 other knights. As she is about to be sentenced for her crimes, Meliodas shows up and saves her and takes her with him. He introduces her to the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins and she joins them as Envy.

9 King and Diane's relationship runs deep

Although Diane doesn't remember him at first, King and Diane have a long history together. As a child, Diane runs away from her home with the giants. She finds a hurt King by a creekbank and nurses him back to health, not knowing she has just saved the Fairy King. King, who was struck in the head, lost all of his memories when he woke. Diane and King spent five hundred years living together and playing every day.

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Diane and King are playing tag and King teases her, promising to grant her a wish if she can catch him. She does and she uses her wish to make King promise that he will always love her. He agrees to grant her wish. Later that day, King regains his memories of who he is and wipes all of Diane's memories of him away. She returns to her home with the other giants.

8 She lies about her height

Diane is self-conscious when it comes to her size. One of her greatest goals is to become a normal-sized girl. She is often made fun of by knights and other humans for being so large. She and other giants are not treated kindly and are regarded mainly as brutish fighters. The giants are not always well-liked by humans.

When someone asks Diane how tall she is, she answers with 29 feet. Gowther, however, points out that this is a lie and she is in fact, 30 feet.

7 She uses her weapon, Gideon in conjunction with her power - creation

Diane, like the other sins, wields a Sacred Treasure weapon. Her hammer's name is Gideon. The large hammer is almost as big as Diane. It has a sharp pick on one end and a flat hammer on the opposite side. She uses Gideon to assist her in strengthening her power - creation. After the Seven Deadly Sins parted ways, Diane lost Gideon. Luckily, in the Vaizel Fight festival, Gideon is being used as a reward to the winner.

Diane can use Gideon to aid her in manipulating the Earth to her will. The connection to nature is an essential part of growing the power of creation. Diane was born with a special connection to nature and easily manipulates the ground. As a child, she even makes rock golems to keep her company when she is lonely.

6 Her power levels are high.

Diane's power levels differ from human and giant forms. Originally, her power is around 3,500. Gowther assesses that in her human form her power level is 950. After finishing the trials, her power is 8,800. After performing Drole's dance, her human form's power grew to be 15,100 while her giant form grew upwards of 50,000.

5 She appreciates Meliodas.

Meliodas is one of the first people Diane encounters who proves to her that she can live somewhere outside of the giants' home. He finds her on a road being made fun of by some knights. Meliodas takes up for her and scolds them for treating a lady in such a poor manner. He was the first person to ask if she was frightened and treated her like a real lady. An instant attraction to him formed.

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After regaining her memories of King, Diane no longer holds affections for Meliodas in a romantic manner. She still has a great amount of respect and gratitude to him for their relationship.

4 The sins are her one true family

Not much is mentioned of Diane's family, other than the Giant Clan. She is often left feeling very alone in the world. Because of her loneliness, she creates the rock golems to keep her company as a child. When she meets King for the first time and they spend time together, she feels a sense of belonging that she never had before.

After meeting Meliodas and becoming part of The Seven Deadly Sins she has finally found her place. They are the true family she longed for and they accept her for who she is in her giant form or her human form.

3 Her mentor wasn’t actually dead

Matrona, Diane's mentor is thought to be dead. After a group of knights hired Diane and Matrona as a rouse to kill them, Matrona was injured almost to the brink of death. The knights struck her with a poisoned arrow and with the last of her strength she killed more than 300 of them. Diane was captured and framed for the death of her mentor.

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We later find out that Matrona never actually died. She was saved by a man that Diane spared in a battle. The man, Zalpa, stayed up three nights and days attending to Matrona's wounds meticulously and without rest. He amputated her ankle so the poison could not spread. When Diane and Matrona meet again, Matrona has fallen in love with Zalpa and helps raise his children. Her dream is to have kids with him.

2 At a young age, she has trouble finding her place

Diane always has a hard time fitting in. In the Giant Clan, she does not fit in because she doesn't like to fight, despite her innate ability to do so. She continuously runs away, seeking a new life for herself, but often returns. Even in her home, where she should feel at ease, she feels like an outsider.

In the human world, people do not accept her because of rumors about the giants. They believe she is a barbarian and make fun of her size. Luckily, she finds the Seven Deadly Sins and her place in the world.

1 She can transform into a regular-sized girl

One of Diane's goals was to be able to be a human-sized girl. When she meets Merlin, another member of the Seven Deadly Sins, she makes that a possibility. Merlin can shrink Diane to human form with her magic. She also made magical pills for Diane to use that can shrink her in size for up to seven hours.

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