Seth Rogen to Write "Green Hornet" ... And Possibly Suit Up Too!

According to the trade publication Variety, "The doughy star of this summer's breakout hit, 'Knocked Up,' is finalizing a deal to write, and likely star in, Columbia's bigscreen adaptation of 'Green Hornet.' He will exec produce, along with co-writer and frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg. Rogen would play Brit Reid, millionaire publisher-turned-masked crime fighter -- a role George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal flirted with in various stages of the project's long gestation." They also note that Rogen will appear at next week's San Diego Comic-Con to promote his involvement with the project.

Fans with long memories may recall that director Kevin Smith was once attached to write and direct the film when it was a pet project of his pal Harvey Weinstein, formerly the head of Miramax. Way back in August of 2005 Smith told fans at Wizard World Chicago, "I'm not doing it anymore. I was going to, and then as I got closer to it, I just was like I don't wanna make a big budget movie. When you're making a movie for seventy million, you have to make it appeal to everybody. I make movies that don't appeal to anybody, they're for me. $70 million is tough to recoup, there were a lot of factors where I was like 'nah, this ain't for me.' I was excited to be tapped, they made the announcement, the dust settled, and then i was like, 'I don't wanna do this.' It feels great to be chosen, but then when you have to do it, it sucks, it's like 'what now?' I have no interest in making a movie about Green Hornet that everybody would be interested in."

CBR reported on March 21st of this year that Columbia Pictures optioned rights to the property, with Neal H. Moritz and his Original Film banner to produce the feature adaptation.

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