Seth Rogen To Co-Direct <i>Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse</i> Next Year

Jay and Seth Vs. the Apocalypse has been a topic of discussion for a long time, but I don't think anyone ever really expected to see it happen -- anyone other than Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jay Baruchel, the creators of the short film on which the post-apocalyptic comedy would be based. Those of you who bet against it may have lost, as Rogen is talking about the project now in more definite terms than before.

The actor told Movies.com that the plan is to get the production cooking by February, with him co-directing alongside Goldberg. That's really about all, though Rogen did admit that the movie is "oddly personal" for him and that the cast -- once just the titular duo -- is now much bigger.

"There's many other people vs. the apocalypse now," Rogen said. "It's gonna be crazy."

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