Seth Rogen Teases 'Preacher' TV Outline

Many of Seth Rogen's Twitter followers may not have understood what he was referring to on Tuesday when he posted the above photo, accompanied by the words "Writing day." But fans of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon undoubtedly recognized it immediately as an outline for the pilot episode of AMC's adaptation of Preacher.

Readers of the seminal Vertigo series will remember that protagonist Jesse Custer is possessed by the supernatural creature Genesis, which kicks off the 66-issue epic. Empowered by an ability called The Word that allows him to make people do whatever he says, Custer goes on a wild journey with ex-girlfriend Tulip and their new vampire compadre Cassidy. Along the way they run afoul of Herr Starr, the Saint of Killers and God.

Preacher landed at AMC in February, with Rogen and his longtime writing partner Evan Goldberg penning the pilot and serving as executive producers. Breaking Bad vet Sam Catlin will be the showrunner.

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