Seth Meyers Learns Melisandre of 'Game of Thrones' is a Bad Baby Shower Guest

Who'd have guessed that Melisandre, the heretic-burning, child-killing Red Woman of "Game of Thrones," wouldn't do so well at a baby shower. Not Seth Meyers, who quickly learns his mistake in this hilarious "Late Night" sketch.

Actress Carice van Houten reprises her role as the red priestess of the Lord of Light and, as it turns out, an old college friend of Meyers from their days at Northwesteros ("Go, 'Cats!"). Unlike the other baby shower guests, Melisandre is a bit of a downer, warning that "The night is dark and full of terrors," giving a "rattle-sword" as a gift, and sharing the heartwarming tale of giving birth to a king-slaying shadow.

"You're always saying you don't have any female friends," Meyers explains, "and this is why."

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