Seth MacFarlane's Reaction to The Orville's Renewal is Perfect

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This weekend, Fox announced that The Orville would be returning for a Season 3. Inspired by Star Trek, the live-action sci-fi comedy series stars Family Guy creator Seth MacFalane, who also created this series, as the captain of a space ship.

To show his appreciation of The Orville returning for another season, series creator Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter to respond with some topical vulgarity.

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While some Twitter users didn't catch what he was referencing immediately, the comments under his post made the subject of his mockery abundantly clear.

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On Friday, Fresh Off The Boat also received a renewal for another season, and Constance Wu , one of the show's stars, showed her dismay by posteing that she was "so upset right now that I'm literally crying."

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Wu went on to clarify that she had to give up "a challenging new project" due to the renewal and thanked her fans who didn't mind her profanity.

While MacFarlane referenced Wu's profanity-laden response to her show's renewal in his Tweet, The Orville isn't the only MacFarlane series that will be returning to Fox. It will be joining his animated Family Guy, which was already renewed for Season 18.

Season three of The Orville, starring Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Penny Johnson Jerald, Halston Sage, J. Lee and Mark Jackson, does not currently have a premiere date.

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