Seth Kushner shares his <i>Understanding Photocomix</i> strip

Back in July when I interviewed Seth Kushner, he told us about a project he was doing with American Photo magazine explaining how he makes photo comics. After its debut in the magazine's July/August issue, Kushner is now sharing the eight-page strip with everyone, online. The piece, which Kushner says is both a "discussion of a form" but also a personal highlight reel, showcases some of the varied subjects he's documented, from Harvey Pekar to Moby.

"I decided to title the piece Understanding Photocomix and I used my own words and photos to tell the story of how I first discovered photography, first started working freelance for magazines, how I produced my book The Brooklynites (with Anthony LaSala), how Leaping Tall Buildings (with Christopher Irving) came about, and how I learned to combine my loves of comic books and photography into a wholly unique form," Kushner says in a post. " I had only a week to pull it all together, and it was amazingly challenging, but I am proud of the results ..."

You can see those results at TripCity.net.

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