Seth Kushner returns to hospital, could use your help

Late last month, I celebrated Seth Kushner returning home after a bone marrow transplant to combat his April-diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia. Soon after the article appeared, I corresponded briefly with the photographer and writer, and it was clear he was eager to regain his strength and begin working again.

Unfortunately, as his wife Terra noted last week in a Facebook post, within two weeks doctors informed Kushner that his leukemia had returned:

He has been back in the hospital for a little over a week and he now has pneumonia. The doctors seem to be doing a good job of keeping everything under control & giving him a light chemo to keep him at bay while we look into a trial at Cornell.

As the family explores its options, medical expenses continue to pile up. This post is not only to bring you up to date on Kushner's health but to ask that you consider donating to his GoFundMe page. These funds will go toward the portion of medical costs his health insurance doesn't cover, as well as to help with the living expenses of his wife and son.

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