Seth Kushner goes home

Since his Myeloid Acute Leukemia diagnosis in April, I have been following Seth Kushner's arduous medical journey. The various rounds of chemotherapy did not seem to be the hardest part of the experience for the photographer/comics writer. For him, the biggest hardship (other than the fight for his life, of course) was the fact that his frequent bouts of hospitalization for treatments kept him away from his home with his wife, Terra, and their young son.

On Sept. 9,  Kushner underwent a bone marrow transplant. Then this past Wednesday (Comics Wednesday, of course), after more than 130 days in the hospital, the doctors declared him recovered well enough to go home.

While in the fight for his life, the industry and fans stepped forward to support Kushner in various ways. In early August, Marvel arranged for Kushner to view Guardians of the Galaxy in his hospital room. Then in late August,  a gathering of supporters including Dean Haspiel, Molly Crabapple, Douglas Rushkoff, Josh Neufeld and Robert Sikoryak took part in Save Our Schmuck, a bone marrow benefit for him. Finally in early September, Baltimore Comic-Con hosted a Grendel art auction that netted $10,000 for Kushner's medical costs.

What impressed me most about Kushner's medical journey was his efforts to stay in touch with his son even when he could not be with him via art (as I wrote about in June). That was not his only creative pursuits while in the hospital, as he was also able to get some comics writing done. Then yesterday, George Folz his artistic collaborator on The Roman Nose, released a page from the upcoming project.

Kushner still has a long road to full recovery, but getting to go home was a major milestone and an understandable boost for his family. If you want to help defray the costs of his treatment (which is not completely covered by his insurance), please be sure to check out his GoFundMe page.

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