Serpentor sells out! 'G.I. Joe' #22 back to press

Official Press Release

GI Joe fans have come out to support their favorite American hero! Devil's Due is proud to report that G.I.Joe issue 22 has sold out only one week after its release, despite a significant overship through Diamond.

The "Return of Serpentor" is a story fans have been demanding from us for a long time. G.I.Joe Writer, and commander in chief of Devil's Due, Joshua Blaylock says, "We began teasing people way back in issue 16, when mysterious CLONE children were introduced, and then let the mystery build. I'm glad so many people are digging it, and thank them for picking up the issue."

Issues 22 through 25 are the writer's last story arc on the G.I.Joe series for the foreseeable future, as he turns over the reigns to Brandon Jerwa to focus on future company projects.

Wheaton, Illinois manager of Graham Crackers Comics, Jimmy Hayes says that despite upping orders, the book is doing phenomenally. "Michael Turner's cover was striking, the story was solid, and people LOVE Serpentor - especially Devil's Due's take on him. You pretty much couldn't wish for a better combination." Hayes also added that "When issue 16 back stock began selling like it did, we knew the demand for 22 would be high."

In response to the heavy demand for copies, Devil's Due has gone to press with 5,000 copies of a different cover featuring a splash page from the issue. The new copies will ship Oct. 29th for an in-store date of November 5th.

Retailers still have time to up their orders for following issues of G.I.Joe 23 - 25, and should take special note that G.I.JOE #25 will have 28 pages of story content, 6 more than average, at no additional cost, and is one of the biggest battle stories in G.I.Joe comic book history. Copies should still be ordered from Diamond under IMAGE COMICS, as the studio doesn't make the official jump to publisher until January.

For fans who can't stand the wait, there are copies of a very rare cover by Greg Horn available from www.buymetoys.com.

Products and merchandise may be purchased at www.devilsdue.net or ask for them at your local comic book retailer.

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