September paves the way for Korea's sassiest comedy manga title

Official Press Release

[My Sassy Girl]San Jose, CA - July 8, 2003 Today ComicsOne announced that they haveacquired the rights to My Sassy Girl, the quirky and hilarious manga hitfrom writer Ho Sik Kim and illustrator Dae Hong Min.

My Sassy Girl is a funny and touching romantic comedy following thelives of two college students brought together by fate. Geon-woo is aclean-cut naive boy who becomes involved with a beautiful "Sassy" girlwho manages to wrap him around her finger as he honestly tries to seeher through troubled times. The story is filled with humor andsurprising events as the two try to find out if opposites really doattract!

My Sassy Girl first hit the scene in Korea as a mega popular movie in2001. The film was number one at the box office for six straight weeksin Korea and sold over 20,000 tickets per day in Hong Kong. It was thesecond highest grosser of 2001 (accumulating more box office loot thanSHREK, HARRY POTTER or LORD OF THE RINGS).

ComicsOne's translated graphic novel adaptation is a full-color titlecontaining a dynamic and compelling artistic style. The book's sassy,uppity and assertive female protagonist is far from your traditionalcutesy mealy-mouthed anime girl. She's got spunk, attitude and is notafraid to speak her mind, which often lands her self-proclaimed guardingGeon-woo in big trouble. But this makes for some occurrences that arejust down-right hilarious!

AvailabilityVolume One of My Sassy Girl is available in September 2003. The fullcolor 128 page graphic novels will be priced at $13.95. Visithttp://www.comicsone.com/manga/sassyGirl/ for more detailed seriesinformation.

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