Septagon Studios Releases "Scorn" Trailer

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TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Septagon Studios unveiled this week a trailer for their debut comic book, SCORN – an all-new four-issue series coming in June!

Written by Kevin Moyers (Unleashed Publications, Machined) and illustrated by Philipp Neundorf (Gunn, Runes of Ragnan), Scorn is a complex story that revolves around revenge, anger, and disgust.

The trailer merges imagination and creativity, with theme music provided by Full White Drag (www.fullwhitedrag.com), with artwork by Philipp Neundorf and words by series writer/creator, Kevin Moyers.

This trailer gives readers a glimpse into the turbulent world of the series' central figure, Michael Riggs.

"SCORN is a book that continues to throw twists and turns where you least expect them," stated Nicola Defina, president of Septagon Studios, Inc. "The story follows Michael Riggs as he witnesses the murder of his best friend. Michael is emotionally disturbed, and promises to wreak vengeance upon the killer. The artwork is unconventional, gritty, and draws the reader directly into the story."

The SCORN trailer can be viewed directly at www.septagonstudios.com and at other famous online video outlets, including Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Uber, Virb, MySpace, Comicspace, IFILM, One True Media and Broadcaster.

"The much anticipated Indy comic book will finally be reaching readers. There has been much interest and demand for the book, and Septagon Studios will meet that demand. We want to thank our supporters that have stuck by our side since day one, as well as our many retailers," Defina added.

The trailer can be viewed and downloaded on the Septagon Web site, directly at http://www.septagonstudios.com/trailers/scorntrailer.html

SCORN #1: OBSESSED is now available for pre-order directly from the Septagon Studios website http://store.septagonstudios.com and will be available in stores shortly after. Retailers may also purchase directly from the Septagon Studios Shop. For more information, please contact shop@septagonstudios.com for discounted bulk orders.

For more information on Septagon Studios, visit their Web site at http://www.septagonstudios.com– and watch your local comic shops for these exciting titles to be released soon!

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