Marvel Re-Introduces The Sentry's Family, Sidekicks to Continuity

The final pages of Doctor Strange #382 delivered a shocking moment when the Sentry was reintroduced into the Marvel Universe. After helping Stephen Strange defeat Loki to reclaim the title of Sorcerer Supreme, Sentry will embark in a new solo series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Kim Jacinto, debuting June 27.

The Sentry's background is pretty complicated, especially when you factor in his history being wiped from everyone's subconsciousness, Sentry's tremendous power level, his status in the superhero community and of course, his evil persona, the Void.

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Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee in 2000 (with contributions from Rick Veitch), Sentry's civilian alter ego is Robert Reynolds, a regular guy who stumbled upon a government-sanctioned serum similar to the one that granted Captain America his superhuman abilities. For Robert, this Super-Soldier serum gave him the power of a million exploding suns. Taking the superhero name Sentry, Robert led a pretty successful career fighting alongside staples like the Hulk, X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as his sidekick, Scout. However, it wasn't until the Void appeared that Robert's life took a dramatic turn for the worst.

After a confrontation with the Void resulted in massive casualties, Sentry tasked Reed Richards, Doctor Strange and his Centrally Located Organic Computer (CLOC) with removing his presence from everyone's mind on the planet, including his own. Brian Michael Bendis would dig the character out of mothballs during his run on New Avengers, with the character going on to play an important role in The Mighty Avengers and Dark Avengers.

Siege To Horseman Of Apocalypse

No matter how hard Sentry fought, he could never keep the Void from plaguing him time and time again. In fact, Norman Osborn played on Robert's broken psyche to manipulate the extremely powerful figure into attacking Asgard in the 2010 event series, Siege. One of the more memorable -- and brutal -- moments came when Sentry ripped the god Ares in half while hovering over the battlefield.

Offenders Assemble Sentry

Sentry (under control by the Void) would also go on to kill Loki as well. Luckily, Robert was able to hold the Void off long enough to allow Thor to put him out of his misery. Sentry would lay dormant following Siege, only returning after the Apocalypse Twins revived him in Uncanny Avengers, turning Sentry into the Horseman of Death. The conclusion of that story arc left Sentry back among the good guys again, but no one expected the character to make a surprise return last year.

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