The Most Powerful Avenger Is Back - and More Terrifying Than Ever

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #1, by Jim Zub and Lan Medina, on sale now.

With the release of Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #1 comes the debut of a new superhero team made of a motley Marvel crew. Whether it's Gorilla Man or Fat Cobra, series writer Jim Zub enjoys picking through dropped characters and storylines to reinvigorate with original tales. That resolve seems to apply not only to the series' heroes, but also its first main villain: The Sentry.

Alerted to an energy spike in a small Oklahoma town, Black Panther gathers his hodgepodge team to investigate the anomaly, only to find the community beset by demons. Battling those invaders proves a trial in itself, but when the issue ends with the reveal that The Sentry is at the center of the crisis, it becomes clear their fight is about to get a lot more difficult. He levitates at the center of town, his formerly gold  costume now blood red -- and he looks more menacing than ever.

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Introduced in 2000 in The Sentry #1, Robert Reynolds was originally promoted by Marvel as a newly "re-discovered" creation from earlier in the publisher's history. Tying in the character's real-world conception with the explanation of his in-universe origins, The Sentry was one of the world's greatest heroes whose history and memory were lost in the shuffling of reality.

However, The Sentry possessed a darker side that quickly rose to the forefront of his storyline. In the ensuing years, The Sentry's mental stability proved a frequent source of conflict as he struggled against an alternate personality, the Void, who threatened to wield the heroes' unparalleled power against the world. Ultimately the Void won out, and in the 2010 event Siege, Thor killed him and cremated his body in the sun.

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Most recently, The Sentry returned as a Horseman of Apocalypse after spending the time since his cremation in an endless cycle of regeneration and vaporization. That culminated with a new solo series in which The Sentry's struggle against his Void personality continued, but ultimately resulted in the merging of the two personalities, and the character deciding to retreat into the depths of space.

However, now he's back again, and given the troubles he brought to small-town Oklahoma, it appears he's set to fall on the villaiousn side of the moral conflict he repeatedly endures. As an antagonist, The Sentry will doubtlessly be formidable, as during his previous history he was known to take on the Hulk and Thor when they were at their most powerful. Given that most of the Agents of Wakanda lack the raw power necessary to deal with him, it's difficult to say what can be expected from their response.

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