The Sentry's First Issue Homages One of Marvel's Most Gruesome Moments

The Sentry #1 catches up with one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, Bob Reynolds, the Sentry. The issue sees Bob working at a diner alongside his old sidekick, Billy Turner, also known as the hero Scout. Billy desperately wants to get back to being a superhero, but Bob is having none of it. He knows that if he becomes Sentry again he risks unleashing the Void, Sentry’s archnemesis.

The only way Bob can keep both Sentry and the Void from reemerging is to escape to a pocket dimension created by Doctor Strange. There, Bob can live out his fantasy of becoming Sentry again, saving the world and fighting Void from the safety of a reality separate from the real world.

Bob’s pocket dimension might be detached from reality, but it appears to be fueled by his history as Sentry, drawing on some of his most infamous fights for inspiration. One such fight is alluded to towards the end of the issue, and it’s perhaps one of the most gruesome bouts in Marvel Comics history. That is, of course, Sentry’s fight with Ares. Longtime Marvel fans will not doubt recall that gory shocker.

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The fight came in Siege #2 back in 2010, when Norman Osborn’s Avengers laid siege to Asgard. Ares, Greek god of War, discovered that Osborn had lied about the danger Asgard posed, so, naturally, Ares did what he does best and tried to take off Osborn’s head. He might have succeeded, too, if it weren’t for the watchful Sentry, who swiftly intervened.

The fight was a quick and decisive one, ending with Sentry literally tearing Ares in half in front of all Avengers present and the world, as the siege was being aired live on television. The fight is largely considered one of the most brutal in all of Marvel Comics history, and rightly so.

On sale now, The Sentry #1 is written by Jeff Lemire with art by Kim Jacinto.

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