'Sentinel' ends with issue #12

Writer Sean McKeever announced on his mailing list this weekend that Marvel's 'Sentinel' series has been cancelled with issue #12. The full text of his letter is reprinted below.


I'm sorry to say that Sentinel has been cancelled, effective withFebruary's issue 12. If you've been following the sales charts, it shouldcome as no surprise.

I hope those of you who are reading the series stick with it to the end.There are a couple developments I'm pretty sure people haven't seencoming, and the ending--which would have remained the same had there beenan issue 13--will be sure to move you.

Despite the sad news, I feel I'm lucky. Writing Sentinel has been awonderful experience that I will never forget, and it has allowed me toachieve my dream of never having to use an alarm clock again-- er, I mean,becoming a full-time freelance fiction writer.

My thanks goes out to the readers. You've made Sentinel all that much morefun to write. Thanks to the talented folks at Udon for their magicalartwork. Thanks to Joe Quesada for telling anyone who'd listen to giveSentinel a try. And a special thank-you to editor Marc Sumerak, who hasbeen an amazing colleague and, most importantly, a good friend.

Sean McKeever

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