Send Us Your ... Halloween Costumes?

So it's Wednesday, and you may be asking, "Hey, where's the Shelf Porn?" Unfortunately, after running the feature for almost two years now, we came up short this week and ran out of submissions.

So is this the end of Shelf Porn? Will we never see another display of graphic novels, toys or original art in somebody's home? Let's hope not. If you'd like to put your pictures on display, just email your pictures and a write-up to jkparkin@yahoo.com. And to everyone who has ever mentioned that they plan to send in their pictures -- that day is now!

In place of Shelf Porn, this week I have Halloween pictures from Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, Calif., where our own Carla Hoffman works. Check them out after the jump.

Thanks to Carla for sending these over. These are just a few of the ones she took; you can see the rest of them on the store's Facebook page.

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