Selina's not-so-big score -- caught on tape!

We noted on Tuesday that New York City police are on the hunt for, well, Catwoman -- or at least a brazen criminal who's robbed shoe and beauty stores while wearing a cat mask.

The woman, who was described by the New York Post a "lithe 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief," wore blacking clothing, a black scarf and that trademark mask to stick up two stores last week in the East Village and Forest Hills, Queens. In broad daylight, no less.

Now police have released a video of the suspect, whom you can see glide into the high-end Arche shoe store, where she reportedly browsed for 45 minutes -- the tape is edited, thankfully -- before donning the mask and telling the sales clerk, "Give me the money. I have a gun." (Note the customers who mill around while the robbery takes place.)

What was Selina's big score? A whopping $86 from the shoe store. She made out better the next day at The Body Shop, where she slunk away with $500.

(video via The Village Voice)

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