Self-transforming Optimus Prime cake is a true birthday miracle

Look, life can be a pretty bleak prospect sometimes and there are plenty of reminders on a daily basis of just that.

But -- a man named Russell Munro made an Optimus Prime cake for his son's 6th birthday that actually transforms from a car to a robot. By itself. Speaking authentic Peter Cullen dialogue. Based on the old-school, Generation 1 Optimus, rather than the current film franchise version that today's kids presumably know a lot better. And oh yeah: It was a real, likely delicious cake. So maybe hope isn't lost.

Here's a video of the motorized cake in action, gently blowing the mind of a room full of little kids:

And another showing just the mechanical platform in action, sans cake:

This miracle of modern technology and baking ingenuity was devised with the help of a 3D printer; Munro says his wife made the actual cake. In a comment on the second video, Munro states that he's working on a "making of" blog to be posted in the next few days, tossing a few crumbs to those who seek the secrets of this fluffy, moist scientific marvel.

(via Toyland)

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