Self-published Sci-fi Tale "Our Love Is Real" Earns Second Print

Official Press Release

OUR LOVE IS REAL, the self-published, self-released, creator-owned "twisted sci-fi" comic book by Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders has sold out its initial print run in less than nine hours!

OUR LOVE IS REAL is going back to press with a limited run of the "Vegisexual Edition", featuring a new variant cover by Sanders. The Vegisexual Edition is available for immediate pre-order online at ourloveisrealcomic.com and will begin shipping to participating retailers early next week.

Available simultaneously as a digital download via Comixology, and as a print version via mail orders and a select number of direct market comic book stores, the first edition is now unavailable at the distributor level. Some copies may still be available at participating retailers, although many experienced same-day sell-outs.

"I haven't seen this much interest in a book since Marvel bumped off Cap. Impressive numbers," said Portlyn Freeman, owner of the Eisner award winning pop culture superstore, Brave New World in Newhall, California.

The acute demand was fueled by the small-scale print run, as well as the controversial storyline and early positive reviews.

"A splendidly-perverse and eye-poppingly gorgeous fistful of futuristic fun," said Jason Aaron, writer of Scalped, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider.

"It's funny, it's poignant, it's clever, it's intriguing," said Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool. "It's a really fun comic book that could get quite a following."

"It's equal parts shocking and hilarious and the kind of out there thinking comics can do best," wrote Ryan K. Lindsay of the Weekly Crisis.

"[It] may shatter your doggone senses," wrote Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance.

OUR LOVE IS REAL continues to be available without interruption on Comixology, the online comic book service available on a variety of digital devices. Despite the day-and-date digital release, the print version was an early success for comic book stores.

"The people who ran through our doors & jammed our phones today displayed a passion that is seen all too rarely in comic buying circles," said Chris Rosa, store manager of Meltdown Comics & Collectables in Hollywood. "They were there because they were legitimately pumped up to read a comic book."

Ordering information for all versions of OUR LOVE IS REAL, including a list of participating retailers, online ordering, and a link for digital download, is available at ourloveisrealcomic.com.

SAM HUMPHRIES is a comic book writer living in Los Angeles. His work includes Our Love Is Real, Fraggle Rock for Archaia and CBGB: The Comic Book for BOOM! Studios. In March, he was named one of "Five Writers to Watch in 2011" by Wizard Magazine. In a previous life, he was the architect of MySpace Comic Books. You can visit him online at www.samhumphries.com.

STEVEN SANDERS When Steven Sanders was born in Kansas City, MO; his birth was foretold by a swallow, and celebrated by a white crane emerging from the heart of a fir tree. He's penciled SWORD for Marvel Entertainment, and has done a bunch of other work in comics, gaming and advertising. You can visit him online at www.studiosputnik.com.

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