Watch All of Sina Grace's Self-Obsessed Season 2

Sina Grace is set to make a splash in the superhero world this June as the writer of Marvel's new "Iceman" ongoing series, alongside artist Alessandro Vitti. But before that, he's making a return to his live-action web series, "Self-Obsessed," based on his autobiographical web series of the same name, starring the cartoonist and former "The Walking Dead" editor as himself -- and all five episodes of the second season are available to watch right now.

"Self-Obsessed" started life as a 2014 one-shot, detailing Grace's story of breaking into comics and past relationships. The first season of the web series adaptation debuted online last March, and guest-starred "Comedy Bang Bang" regular Jon Gabrus, and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alumni Amber Benson and Adam Busch, among others.

For season 2, Benson, Busch and Gabrus return, along with Laura Silverman, Colleen Green, Skybound editor Sean Mackiewicz (playing himself in an awkward office meeting with Grace) and more, plus music by Feels, Death Valley Girls, Cosmonauts and Alex Greenwald. In an introductory note from Grace (which you can read below), he explains that the "Self-Obsessed" web series is a passion project that isn't monetized, and "exists to lift the themes of [his] book." As a testament to that passion, Grace filmed season 2 just seeks after a surgery due to a medical condition, which left him 20 pounds underweight.

You can watch all of "Self-Obsessed" season 2 right here. Grace's next memoir, "Nothing Last Forever" -- which in part, deals with his recent illness -- is scheduled to debut in June from Image Comics, the same month "Iceman" is slated to launch.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

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Episode 5:

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