Seeley & Lucas Conclude "Talon" in March

With the latest round of solicitations comes more information about the latest titles set to end, and while DC Comics already had two titles set to conclude -- Jeff Lemire's "Animal Man" and Gregg Hurwitz's "Batman: The Dark Knight" -- the publisher's March 2014 solicitations (posted on DC Comics.com) confirm one more New 52 title for the chopping block: "Talon." Current series writer Tim Seeley confirmed with CBR in November that he would only be writing "Talon" for two issues, and it's now clear that Seeley will pen the series' final arc alongside the art of Jorge Lucas.

Sales-wise, "Talon's" conclusion shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Introduced as part of the New 52's Third Wave of ongoings, "Talon" has been on a steady downward sales trend since its introduction in 2012. "Talon" #12 sold 18,219 copies in October, making it one of the lowest-selling New 52 ongoing series. Along with "Batman: The Dark Knight" and "Batman Incorporated," "Talon" is the third New 52 Batman family title to cease publication since the inception of the New 52.

"Talon" #17 concludes the series in March.

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